Categories: Linux Hosting, Direct Admin, OpenVZ, Proxmox VE (Virtual Environment)

Install a CentOS 6.x Appliance Template in Proxmox

It's quite easy to install a CentOS 6.0 appliance (template).Download the precreated template from the OpenVZ site ( and store it in the folder /var/lib/vz/template/cache/ of your Proxmox hostnode… more »

Migrating a shared server client database to a Direct Admin server (shell commands)

Steps:@DA control panel: create a new DB@DA SSH console as root: retrieve DB as SQL from source MySQL host@DA SSH console as root: restore the database After finishing step 1, login at the Direct Admin server as root user and execute the foll… more »

Migrate openvz container to proxmox VE best practice

Example to migrate container 101 to proxmox VE at another host node (targethost.domain.tld). The challenge:we want to have a minimum of downtimewe want /etc/vz/private/101 and /etc/vz/root/101 moved to "Proxmox directories" /var/lib/private/101 a… more »

Things I miss in Proxmox Virtual Environment 1.7 Webgui

Proxmox Virtual Environment version 1.7 (released 30/11/2010) is the successor of version 1.6. I didn't find any cosmetic changes in the webgui, so this is my personal enhancement list. Generalability to change server hostname (it keeps *.localhost… more »

Migrate openvz container to another openvz host

Example to migrate container 101 to another host node (targethost.domain.tld).Run these commands as root user. @SOURCE NODEThe first command copies the public ssh key to the target. This way vzmigrate has the privileges to do the migration. $ ssh-copy-… more »