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ColdFusion server is going open source

As an "old" ColdFusion developer the year 2008 got me quite excited, or....maybe not? Two ColdFusion-server vendors have announced to go open source with their server technologies. In March BlueDragon (… more »

CFM codesnippet: navigation through large datasets with mySQL (SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS)

Codesnippet: Following code uses CFM + MySQL to select a part of all available records from a table. But also use 'SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS' to obtain the total amount of records in the table. This way you can make page navigation through large datasets.… more »

Inexpensive setup: Railo (ColdFusion), OpenLaszlo, Red5, MySql, CentOS

As a stiff ColdFusion developer since 1999 I've closely followed all developments in webworld from the angle 'Allaire, Macromedia and Adobe'. During these years I've noticed that technology has become cheaper and many times even free. Picture t… more »

How to make ColdFusion 7 unresponsive in just a sec

First of all the reason I publish this article is because for a few years I'm dealing with ColdFusion becoming unresponsive after running for a while. And because I host several companies on a shared hosting environment I had no clue what code caused pr… more »