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openvz Server refused to allocate pty solution

SSH returns: "Server refused to allocate pty" upon login.OR:"enter into VE 101 failedUnable to open pty: No such file or directory"This solution is for CentOS VE's.At the HN (hardware node) enter (replace 101 with your VE-id / CT-id):#… more »

bash_history not working in VE (virtual environment) of openvz

Add the following line to file /root/.bashrc HISTFILE=/root/.bash_history Now, .bash_history will be created and filled! more »

Using vzdump snapshot to backup without downtime

It's a while ago since I've written my last serious article but this one is really worth reading.The last few months I'm testing the possibilities to make Linux hosting more flexible and less independent on hardware.As an "Open source CentOS Linux en… more »