Comment from: Wander Campos [Visitor] Email
Thanks for this great info.

But I try to set on my linux box and the open laszlo works fine except the red 5
I install both with war deploy, but red5 give me error when I start

FAIL - Application at context path /red5-0.6rc2 could not be started

I dont have any idea how to fix it

Thanks in advanced
02/21/07 @ 19:48
Comment from: Cheekygeek [Visitor] Email
Thanks for the PDF article, however it is password protected and won't open. Did you intend to do that? (You tease you!)
04/05/07 @ 07:59
Comment from: Peter [Visitor] Email · http://none (yet)
Do you have any examples of using Open Laszlo with Red5?

Brisbane, Australia
04/06/07 @ 01:14

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